Surface Water Testing

Surface Water  Testing

Aquaread Instruments are ideal for surface water monitoring

Surface water monitoring involves recording trends in various water quality parameters in our streams, lakes, rivers and even seawater.

Changes in these trends can give an early warning of potential pollution or changes to the ecosystems within the water.

Large range of Standard, Ion Selective and Optical Sensors available

Parameters commonly measured during surface water testing are dissolved oxygen, pH, EC and temperature. These parameters can be found as standard on most Aquaprobes, plus there are options to add extra parameters for more specific monitoring:

• 2 Auxiliary ports on the AP-2000 (1 ISE 1 Optical)

• 4 Auxiliary ports on the AP-5000 (any combination)

• 6 Auxiliary ports on the AP-7000
 (any combination)

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Portable surface water monitoring

The sensor packed AP-2000 Aquaprobe is designed to be fully portable and can be used with the GPS Aquameter. A powerful combination indeed! Not only is every measured parameter, including calibration data, stored at the touch of a button, the integrated GPS receiver also captures the precise location of the data set; with the full data readout visible in Google Earth! Ideal if you are carrying out surface water sampling at numerous different locations.

If the AP-2000 still doesn’t capture all the information you require then check out the AP-5000. It allows any combination of ISE and Optical sensors to be added to the standard set of measured parameters. Need to measure Turbidity and Chlorophyll together? That’s no problem for the slim (55mm diameter) AP-5000.

Fixed surface water monitoring

Short term

For short periods of unmanned monitoring the AP-2000 or AP-5000 and the AquaLogger-2000 are ideal.

The AquaLogger has enough memory and battery life for months of monitoring, and the AP-2000 is packed with all standard parameters and 2 Aux ports for 1 ISE and 2 Optical electrodes. If this is not enough, the or AP-5000 has 4 Aux ports for any combination of sensors.

The system is very easy to set up and to install. If you are looking for a cost effective short term unmanned solution then this is the perfect combination.

Long term

If you intend to perform longer periods of unmanned monitoring then the AP-7000 is the probe for you. Not only does the probe house all the standard parameters, plus 6 Aux ports for customisation, the probe also features a novel dual wiper cleaning system that effectively cleans ALL of the probe’s sensors. This enables quality data to be recorded for extended periods of time.

Long term data logging and telemetry

The AP-7000 can be used with the GPS Aquameter. For real time monitoring and calibration, it can be used with the AquaLogger-7000; a bigger datalogger with increased memory and battery life to allow longer deployments, and it can be used with a telemetry system for data transfer via the mobile networks, bringing your data to you.

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