AP-5000 Package – Advanced portable water monitoring package

The AP-5000 Rental Package offers you a complete and advanced portable water quality monitoring system at a great price.

A quick introduction to the AP-5000 rental package

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Included parameters in the AP-5000 rental package

  • Optical DO
  • Specific EC
  • Absolute EC
  • pH
  • ORP
  • Depth
  • TDS
  • Resistivity
  • Salinity
  • SSG
  • Temperature

There are 4 auxiliary ports on the AP-5000 so you can add extra sensors to the package depending on your requirements. Our available sensors can be seen on the specifications page.

Whats included in the package?

GPS Aquameter

The GPS Aquameter is always required with any Aquaprobe. It is used for taking spot measurements, logging data manually and for calibrating the probe’s sensors. Its built in GPS receiver allows it to capture the location of every dataset you record. The GPS Aquameter also features a barometric pressure sensor for auto compensation for changes in air pressure during the deployment.

GPS Aquameter Provides Pin Points in Google Earth


AP-5000 Aquaprobe

The AP-5000 is the larger of our advanced portable multiparameter water monitoring probe’s. It comes with a range of standard sensors included, and much like its smaller counterpart it offers more customisation options that allow you to add extra sensors to the probe.

The aquaprobe AP5000

The AP-5000 Aquaprobe with sleeve removed



Rugged 3 meter cable with AquaConn connectors

All packages come with a tough 3m cable that feature our AquaConn Connectors. Cables have Kevlar running their lengths to provide extra tensile strength.



Rugged AquaConn connector system

All packages come with a USB cable for connecting the Aquameter to your PC for data download. They also include batteries to power the system and a link on where do download the AquaLink software.

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