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LeveLine-Baro – Air pressure logger for use with absolute setup

The LeveLine-BARO is an accessory required when measuring water level using the absolute LeveLine. It is designed to survive years of deployment, constructed of stainless steel and features its own internal memory and lithium battery for power

The LeveLine-ECO Gallery


A quick introduction to the LeveLine water level logger.

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LeveLine-ECO water level and temperature logger

The LeveLine-ECO is the cost effective way to get into water level logging. Its simple, stainless steel design helps keep costs down, however this clever little logger still has some advanced features up its sleeve and is very similar to its titanium counterpart.

It features a large 150,000 data point internal memory and can log as quickly as 5 times per second enabling it to record with high resolution. Whilst the unit is securely sealed, the internal Lithium battery is distributor replaceable, meaning that the unit does not need to be discarded once the battery is discharged.

LeveLine-ECO Package

This package contains everything you need for a single water level deployment. The package includes the following:

  • LeveLine-ECO
  • LeveLine-BARO
  • PC-KIT

Exceptional battery life and low power consumption

The battery in each LeveLine can last for 10 years, which combined with the low maintenance requirements means that the LeveLine is ideal for deployment over a number of years. Combine the LeveLine with small ‘in-well’ telemetry system soon to be available and you have a powerful yet discrete monitoring system.

The LeveLine has multiple applications including: aquifer characterisation; watershed, drainage basin and recharge monitoring; harbor and tidal fluctuation monitoring; and industrial uses. The LeveLine water level logger provides highly accurate water level monitoring and can document baseline and changing water levels over time.

SDI-12 and Modbus as standard

The LeveLine is Modbus (RS485) and SDI-12 compatible, so no adaptors are necessary and it allows direct connection to telemetry and SCADA systems. The external 6-30V power supply input is compatible with batteries and solar power. Our water level logging equipment comes with intuitive PC software suite that allows simple set up and data retrieval.

The LeveLine is the only water level logger to use the QuickDeploy Key or the GPS LeveLine Meter see how they can make your deployment simpler.

Simple Absolute Monitoring

Below is a typical borehole based absolute deployment. The LeveLine-ECO records changes in water pressure and the LeveLine-BARO records changes in air pressure.

This data is then combined in the LeveLink software to provide accurate changes in water level.


Simple yet effective PC application

Connect the LeveLine logger to your PC to set up your logging scheme. Using the LeveLink software you are able to:

  • Set logging rates in hours, minutes, seconds and sub-seconds
  • Set up event triggers for user specified level and temperature changes
  • Produce Google Earth files, Excel files and text reports at the press of a button
  • Displays number of recordings saved in memory and the number of available data points
  • Displays the remaining battery of the logger
LeveLink Level Data Page

LeveLink Level Data Page

Useful LeveLine Accessories

QuickDeploy Key

Initiate planned logging with the QuickDeploy keep to ease deployment

Initiate planned logging with the QuickDeploy keep to ease deployment

GPS LeveLine Meter

Embed the LeveLine with its deployment's GPS coordinates

Embed the LeveLine with its deployment’s GPS coordinates


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