Water Quality

We offer an advanced range of multiparameter testing instruments and various data collection options to cover all aspects of water monitoring. We offer all of the below Aquaprobes as individual items or as part of a complete water monitoring package providing you with every thing you need to get monitoring in the field. We have packages available for every budget, to help you choose the best package for you we have the package selector page found under contact us. Tell us what you are interested in monitoring and we will recommend the most cost effective package. Please click on one of the following products for full details and a video demonstration.

Aquaread® - Community Trade Mark Registration No. 011713815
Aquaread® - Australia Trade Mark Registration No. 1436803
LeveLine® - Community Trade Mark Registration No. 011713823
Aquaprobe® - UK Trade Mark Registration No. 00003000628
Aquameter® - UK Trade Mark Registration No. 00003000627
LoggerLink® - UK Trade Mark Registration No. 3081814

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