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What is the Paris Climate Change agreement, and what could it mean for the world’s oceans?

By : Craig Harrison |July 19, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment

Whilst the Paris Agreement has been praised for its progressive steps towards the unification of the world’s leaders in action against the negative result of anthropogenic activity on the climate, it has also been criticised for its failure to determine legally enforced action as opposed to ‘promises’. (more…)

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How dangerous is blue green algae?

By : Craig Harrison |April 24, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment

Blue green algae is one of the popular parameters that can be tested using our water monitoring equipment. It is a common water pollutant that can have a severe impact on ecosystems and plant and animal life. (more…)

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What is natural flood prevention and how does it help?

By : Craig Harrison |February 17, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment

Around the world many different countries have had to design elaborate and often expensive methods of controlling and mitigating the damaging effects of global flooding. Whilst these methods often involve feats of technical and mechanical engineering, they work against nature, rather than with it. (more…)

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Flood prevention measures around the world

By : Craig Harrison |January 18, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment

Looking at flood prevention measures around the world offers an interesting perspective when it comes to reviewing and comparing our own methods here in the UK. Across the continents, various flood prevention techniques are in place – with varying levels of success. (more…)

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What we can learn from 2015/2016’s extreme flooding?

By : Craig Harrison |December 13, 2016 |Blog |0 Comment

November 2015 to early February 2016 was an incredibly challenging time for home and business owners in the UK. Throughout much of the country, particularly the North of England and West of Scotland, flooding caused millions of pounds of damage – and caused around 16,000 properties to be flooded in England in December alone. (more…)

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Are young people leaving themselves at risk of flooding?

By : Craig Harrison |November 28, 2016 |Blog |0 Comment

According to recent figures from the Environmental Agency, young people in the UK may be leaving themselves at risk of flood damage. Around 75% of 18-24 year olds are not aware if they are living in an area at risk of flooding in the last year. (more…)

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Government flooding plans come under attack from recent report

By : Craig Harrison |November 16, 2016 |Blog |0 Comment

A recent report from MPs has highlighted inadequacies over the current plans for flooding by the government, suggesting that the Environmental Agency be stripped of their current responsibilities and replaced by a dedicated flooding authority. (more…)

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Small businesses set to receive cheaper flood cover

By : Craig Harrison |November 01, 2016 |Blog |0 Comment

Flooding not only costs the UK economy billions of pounds every year, it also causes immeasurable damage to people’s lives and livelihoods. When it comes to livelihoods affected, small business owners are one of the categories of people hit hardest with regards to severe flooding. (more…)

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Is the risk of drought in the UK growing?

By : Craig Harrison |October 19, 2016 |Blog |0 Comment

The idea of queuing up in the street for water in the heat of summer might conjure up images of third world countries. New data has predicted that this, with a 20% chance, could be necessary in London in as little as 25 years. (more…)

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