Groundwater Testing

Ground Water Testing Equipment

Groundwater monitoring instruments from Aquaread Ltd

Aquaread manufactures a selection of groundwater testing equipment suitable for a range of applications. Our rugged instruments are designed for use in the field, providing measurements in situ.

Groundwater testing is utilised for hydrogeological assessments, groundwater sampling and survey, groundwater modelling, etc.

The Multiparameter Aquaprobe AP-2000

Groundwater monitoring frequently involves testing water within boreholes. Boreholes vary in width and depth, the narrowest being around 2″ in diameter.

The AP-2000 Aquaprobe is perfect for monitoring in this environment. Its slim (<2″ in diameter) profile allows it to fit into the smallest wells, and its rugged marine grade aluminium body protects the electrodes during deployment.

The AquaLogger-2000 for Data Acquisition

If your intention is to leave a probe collecting groundwater sampling data within the borehole unmanned, then the AquaLogger-2000 is what you need.

This slim line data logger (<2″ in diameter) can collect up to 6 months worth of groundwater sampling data. It connects directly to our AP-2000 probe and can be connected to the borehole cover for concealed deployment.


The LeveLine is ideal for monitoring water level in boreholes: it collects water level data at user-defined intervals and offers real-time monitoring. The rugged titanium construction means the LeveLine can be left in water for many years. The battery can last for up to 10 years, and the huge internal memory has capacity for up to 500,000 readings.

We offer both vented (gauge) and non-vented (absolute) versions of the LeveLine, and the Quick Deploy Key means that you can choose when to commence data collection.

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