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If you are new to water monitoring then you have come to the right place. These pages are designed to give you information on the various applications these instruments can be used in, what products are suitable for each type of deployment and what the many parameters you can record mean and why you should monitor them.

What Parameters are you interested in monitoring?

Our Aquaprobes can record measurements from multiple sensors at once allowing you to record lots of information very quickly, but there are many parameters and many potential sensor configurations so lets break it down into manageable chunks.

Standard Parameters

Almost all of our Aquaprobes (except for the AP-LITE) come with a range of standard sensors already included; these are the common parameters that are required in most water quality monitoring studies. Click on each parameter for a detailed description.

Some of our Aquaprobes also come with a Depth sensor; AP-2000-D, AP-5000 & AP-7000

Specific Ion Monitoring

We offer a range of sensors that are able to detect charged ions in water. Parameters such as ammonium, ammonia and nitrate can have an effect on all kinds of aquatic wildlife. Follow the links to learn more on each parameter.

Our AP-2000, AP-5000 and AP-7000 Aquaprobes can be fitted with these specialist sensors.

Optical Sensors

We also offer a wide range of optical sensors to fit within our Aquaprobes. All of our optical sensors use sapphire lenses for super durability. Our Turbidity sensor conforms with the ISO standard 7027 for nephelometric turbidity measurement. Our other optical sensors such as our chlorophyll-a sensor emits a certain wavelength of light that excites the subject you are trying to measure causing it to emit light of a set wavelength. This is called fluorescence.

Our AP-LITE, AP-2000, AP-5000 and AP-7000 Aquaprobes can be fitted with these specialist sensors.

What type of water are you planning on monitoring?

Our Aquaprobes are suitable for deployment in almost any water type. They are constructed from marine grade aluminium and then hard anodised for added corrosion resistance and biofouling resistance. This makes them ideal for use in both fresh and salt water deployments.

Surface Water Monitoring

Our Aquaprobe packages are designed to be portable and offer the potential to collect lots of data at once. The built in GPS feature of the Aquameters makes these packages the ideal choice for portable surface water testing, you will always know where your data was recorded.

Groundwater Monitoring

We have products for measuring ground water level and for measuring water quality of ground water. Our Aquaprobes are built to fit into 2″ boreholes commonly used in the study of ground water. Our LeveLine water level loggers are only 22mm in diameter so these can also fit into some of the smallest boreholes used in the study of water level.

Waste Water Testing

Our AP-7000 Aquaprobe features a built in self cleaning system to help it withstand the demanding environment of a waste water treatment plant. It can be used to record accurate data for longer when deployed over long periods of time.

Portable Water Quality Monitoring

We offer a range of complete packages that contain every thing you need to get monitoring all contained in a handy carry case. The case features foam cut outs to keep each individual item safe, you can even leave the meter connected to the probe so getting the equipment back in the case after your monitoring is hassle free. The case can even hold a 10m cable!

The built in GPS receiver within our GPS Aquameter is ideal for portable surface water monitoring. Because it records the location of every data set that you capture it means you will always know where your data was collected.

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Fixed Water Quality Monitoring

We have various options available that allow you to collect data remotely, which ever option you choose for fixed monitoring we would always recommend the AP-7000 due to its self cleaning capabilities; it will keep your sensors cleaner for longer.

For short to medium term deployments our AquaLogger is perfect, it features a large memory, is self powered and has a built in pressure sensor. If you are trying to reduce site visits then telemetry might be your best option. Using our telemetry system you can send data collected in the field via mobile networks direct to your desk PC.

Our BlackBox allows you to connect our probes to third party devices such as data loggers or telemetry systems by giving outputs in SDI-12 or Modbus RS485.

Finally, for maximum duration of unmanned deployment we have our Aquastation. The AquaStation is a permanent cabinet that features our AP-7000 Aquaprobe and a pumping system. The station contains calibration solutions and is able to automatically calibrate sensors further reducing you need for site visits.

For further details please look for these great instruments under the Products tab.