Low Flow Groundwater Sampling with an AP-2000

Low Flow Groundwater Sampling

Low flow groundwater sampling is a popular methodology used around the world to simulate ambient flow conditions and take water quality readings. A wide variety of pumps are used to draw a sample from the well such as bladder, inertial or peristaltic pumps and usually combined with a flow controller. Once the sampling methodology for your site has been selected, then choosing the right multi-parameter probe is vital.

The AP-2000 is the first-choice product for regular low flow groundwater sampling work. The package is combined with sensors which will measure the usual parameters such as PH, ORP, EC, DO and Temperature. Additionally, you can add in any of our ISE or optical sensors to suit your project needs.

All of our probes are operated using our GPS Aquameter for GPS location recording, live readings, automatic recording and calibration.

AP-2000 Key Features:

  • Award winning UK design, manufacture and support.
  • Simple touch button calibration with Rapidcal for all main parameters.
  • User changeable sensors.
  • Superior accuracy.
  • 2” diameter with a variety of cable lengths available, ideal for well profiling.
  • GPS location storage.
  • Reading stability alarm, removes guess work from recording readings.
  • Optical dissolved oxygen, no need for intensive maintenance, instant readings.
  • Durable marine grade aluminium construction for use in a wide range of applications.
  • Two spare sensor ports to add in any of our ISE and optical electrodes.
  • Industry leading price.










Low Cost of Ownership

The cost of ownership can catch you out when problems arise. We provide transparent pricing for all parts associated with our probes and offer a support package for all our customers in the UK, Ireland and appointed partners globally.

Fast Support

As a UK based designer and manufacturer, we can provide rapid support, repairs and supply of consumables and parts often on a next day basis.


For a limited time, we are offering each AP-2000 package with a free flow cell and one full calibration/service voucher, saving you £500. Please contact us for more information.

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