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electrical conductivity

What Is Electrical Conductivity And Why Is It Important?

By : jamieatkins |April 29, 2020 |Blog |0 Comment

Electrical Conductivity Definition

Electrical conductivity in water, is defined by the ability for a fluid to pass an electrical current. For example, if you were to compare drinking water with seawater you would find that the conductivity level of seawater is much higher. Contributing factors to this can be material or sediment in the water, such as salt. However, these can also be contaminants which can have a harmful effect on animals and human health.


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Why surface water is the biggest flood risk of all

By : Chris Peacock |November 15, 2018 |Blog |0 Comment

When we think of floods, we typically think of overflowing rivers and rising sea levels. These types of floods are common, but only for people who naturally live close to a river or the sea. Those that live in more urban areas, such as cities, typically don’t consider flooding as a problem. Yet one type of flooding can actually affect those in more built-up areas far worse – surface water flooding.


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How might Brexit affect the water industry?

By : Chris Peacock |October 31, 2018 |Blog |0 Comment

Brexit is on the lips of everyone right now and the discussions of how it is going to affect the country in numerous ways do not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Due to its vast implications, it has the potential to impact a variety of industries across the UK, including our very own water industry. So how might Brexit affect it?


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