Surface Water Monitoring

Surface water monitoring as an application covers many different environments and can require different equipment depending on the monitoring requirements. Possible environments include lakes, rivers and coastal waters where the monitoring may be focused on water quality or water level measurement. Aquaread offer instruments suitable for each of these environments and have a wide range of possibilities depending on the kind of data you wish to collect.

The following products are ideal for surface water monitoring projects:

Aquasonde RangeAquasonde Range

The Aquasonde range offer multiparameter water quality monitoring with internal memory and power for discreet deployments.

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AP-700 and AP-800AP-700 / AP-800

Our AP-700 and AP-800 packages offer a low cost of ownership and are a great starting point for portable water quality monitoring. Both are provided with a range of the most common sensors included.

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AP-2000 / AP-2000-D

The AP-2000 and AP-2000-D packages come with the most common water quality parameters included. Both probes feature our advanced optical DO technology and give options to install 2 additional sensors to the probe.

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The AP-5000 comes with the same common water quality sensors installed. This larger probe allows you to fit up to 4 additional sensors to the probe allowing you to capture more data in the field, whilst still being a portable instrument.

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The AP-7000 is designed to be deployed for long periods of automated monitoring. It utilises a built in cleaning system to clean all of the installed sensors fitted to the probe, allowing accurate data capture for longer. The probe comes with all of the common water quality sensors installed and gives you the option to fit a further 6 additional sensors, allowing a huge amount of data to be captured.

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The AP-LITE is a single parameter water quality monitoring instrument. It can be fitted with one of our optical sensors such as turbidity or chlorophyll for example. It is available as a complete package including a GPS Aquameter, 3m cable and a carry case.

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The AquaPlus is designed to measure dissolved oxygen using our optical sensor. The small probe also combines an EC sensor and temperature sensor into it’s body to allow calculation and automatic compensation for salinity. The package includes a GPS meter, 3m cable and carry case.

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Our LeveLine water level and temperature logger is made from corrosion resistant titanium, is rugged and reliable and can provide up to 10 years of unmanned data recording.

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The titanium LeveLine-CTD offers water level, temperature, conductivity and salinity logging.

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The LeveLine-Mini is a small, titanium water level and temperature sensors that is designed to be connected to third party data loggers or telemetry devices. Simply connect to your device using SDI-12 or Modbus RS485.

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The titanium LeveLine-Mini-CTD adds conductivity and salinity measurements to this small water level and temperature sensor. SDI-12 and Modbus RS485 outputs for connectivity to third party devices.

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The LeveLine-Baro is a titanium barometric pressure and temperature logger designed to be used in absolute level monitoring studies. It provides barometric pressure data that is used for compensation during data analysis.

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The LeveLine-EWS is a low cost of ownership flood alert system. Consisting or a LeveLine-Mini and our AquaTel telemetry system, it will both record water level data and send SMS alerts when alert levels are met. Easily communicate wit the device using SMS.

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Heron water level meterHeron water level measuring tape

See our range of Heron water level meters.

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Heron water level meterHeron oil / water interface level meter

See our range of Heron oil / water interface meters.

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Heron water level meterHeron conductivity / temperature meter

See our Heron conductivity / temperature meters.

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