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Aquaread are a multi-award winning British manufacturing company

Aquaread are a multi-award winning, privately owned, British design and manufacturing company based in Broadstairs, South East England, UK.

Our concentrated team consists of highly skilled individuals from various backgrounds such as engineering, innovative product design, production, management, scientific research and software design. Our focus and vast skill set has enabled us to develop and successfully market an ever increasing range of highly precise water testing instruments.

Our range now includes multiple water quality monitoring packages for both portable and installed use, dedicated and permanent water monitoring stations and highly accurate temperature and water level monitoring devices. There are new products due for launch later in 2015, our R&D team never sleeps so the next new product is never far away!

Aquaread Team  Smaller

The Aquaread team pictured above

All Change with new premises, logo and web site

It’s all change for us as we have recently moved to new premises that’s around 60% larger but still based in Broadstairs, South East England. Coinciding with the move is the launch of the new brand identity and a new website. The new logo features a silhouette of the tip of an Aquaprobe, Aquaread’s Technical Marketing Director Chris Peacock says:

“It’s a cleaner, more simple logo that suggests a probe submerged under water, it should be recognised by anyone who knows our Aquaprobes, they are pretty distinctive”.


This new website features our new purple and blue colour scheme throughout and holds a vast amount of information. The site includes video demonstrations of every product, a useful ‘Need Help?’ section, a ‘Package Selector Page’ and detailed descriptions of all of the parameters that can be measured.

MD Craig Harrison says: “The move to the new building has really given the team a big boost. With the extra space it allows us to continue to grow and keep up with the increasing customer demand, it really is a new chapter in Aquaread’s success.”


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