AQUATEL Telemetry

Aquatel is a Smart telemetry device designed to simplify setup, lengthen deployment and optimise data management.

Constructed with carbon fibre and aluminium, it features a long battery life and 4G modem communications. It houses a GPS receiver and a barometric pressure sensor for location and parameter compensation. You can set up the Aquatel remotely using sms commands and request instant readings instantly.

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Plug & Play

When you connect your Aquaprobe to Aquatel it recognises the probe type you have just fitted, it also reads the probes memory to see what additional parameters you have installed and where they are on the probe. Because of this, there is no complicated set up of SDI-12 registers, or describing the parameter units and the acceptable ranges for each, this is all done for you.


Quick and simple deployment

Follow these three steps to be confident in your deployment:

1) Switch on the Aquatel unit and watch the top facing LED, After a few red ashes as it initialises it will connect to the mobile network and give a signal strength indication:

green = good, orange = ok, red = poor.

Network connection and quality is now established.

2) Send Aquatel a text message saying Po, short for position. Once the message is received it will initiate the GPS and acquire its position. Precise GPS position stored for visualisation on map in Inoview, sms communications established.

All settings can now be changed via sms remotely.

3) Finally send the Aquatel a text message saying Re, short for readings. You will quickly receive a reply showing all current readings from the probe. Connection with the probe conrmed and data quality is now checked.

Its now safe to leave the deployment.


Why Choose Aquatel?

Easy for the user and the reseller to set up
With the system being plug and play and being so simple to set up and test before leaving site, both users and distributors can have the condence and peace of mind when choosing Aquatel.

Choice of Lithium or Alkaline batteries, super long life
Lithium batteries last longer – 12 months with AP-6000 logging every hour – this far exceeds the competition and no one else gives you this option of battery choice.

Built in GPS receiver to tag deployment location
Send Aquatel Po, short for position to activate GPS and store its location. Other manufacturers rely on you entering the Lat, Long manually. SMS cannot be used when GPS receiver is active. You can re-establish its position by sending again the Po command via sms.

Built in Baro sensor
Automatic barometric compensation on all related parameters, including % saturation of dissolved oxygen and water level, making Aquatel the ideal choice for use with Leveline mini absolute versions – no external baro logger or PC compensations required.

Choice of data output
Send data to the Inoview platform for online data viewing or send the data direct to your own FTP address which is very important to some customers.

Large internal memory
Store over 150,000 data sets in the internal memory in case the communication with the network is broken

Send real time alerts
Sent sms alerts to multiple numbers stored in the device to alert groups of people of an event.

Leveline-EWS returns new
The updated version of the EWS uses an Aquatel with built in 10m cable connected to a Leveline Mini. It’s perfect for water level alerts that can quickly provide notice to entire communities at risk of flooding.