Point Colour – Telemetry Devices from Metasphere

There are 2 options when it comes to choosing the right telemetric solution for you. The Point Orange or the Point Green. The Point Orange is designed to work with multichannel instruments such as our Aquaprobe range whereas the point Green is designed to be used with fewer channel instruments such as our LeveLine water level sensor.

Both devices communicate via SDI-12 meaning the LeveLine can connect straight to the Point Green and our Aquaprobes can connect to the Point Orange via our BlackBox data converter.

Point Colour
Point Colour

Point Colour Features

  • Ultra-low power battery operated for remote, harsh environments
  • Can be used with all Aquaprobes via a BlackBox and Leveline sensors directly
  • SDI-12 Digital interface
  • Powered by lithium batteries
  • Can send data to a web server for viewing online or it can send data straight to an FTP address
  • Uses Poco software to set up the logger prior to deployment
  • Uses Palette web based portal to display data
  • Allows for remote configuration
  • Alarm configuration options

Metasphere Palette – Online Data Viewing

  • View your data online from any device on any browser with internet access
  • Set up alarm triggers to send out email and optional SMS messages to key personnel
  • Traffic light alarm system
  • Export your data as a .csv file for data manipulation and storage