LeveLine GPS water level meter

The GPS LeveLine Meter is designed to be used with all LeveLine Water Level and Temperature loggers. The meter has many uses including LeveLine setup, data download and the novel GPS embedding feature which tags the LeveLines deployment location into the dataset.

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GPS leveline Meter

GPS LeveLine Meter features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Full LeveLine setup directly from the GPS LeveLine Meter
  • Initiate Scheduled logging meaning there is no need to set a planned start date
  • Embed the LeveLine with its GPS deployment coordinates
  • Download data from multiple LeveLines deployed in the field
  • Perform live spot testing
  • Check LeveLines battery and memory levels prior to deployment
  • Manually input the level for salinity compensation
  • Built in air pressure sensor for atmospheric pressure measurement
  • Ergonomic curved design sits nice in the hand, with rubber gasket for added grip in wet condition
  • Rugged, metal AquaConn connectors provide extreme durability where its needed most
  • LeveLine PC application and USB cable provided with every PC-KIT purchased for use with the LeveLine

Make your life easier in the field

Some of the GPS LeveLine Meters features can really assist your logger deployment and your logger collection when the scheduled logging is complete. The meter allows you to make adjustments to your LeveLine in the field. For example you can increase the logging duration or increase the logging frequency. In fact you can perform all of the set up actions that you can on the LeveLink PC application.

When you are on site and ready to deploy your LeveLine you can use the GPS LeveLine Meter to check the LeveLine’s battery and memory levels, you can also zero the depth measurement against the current reading of air pressure measured by the meter.

Embed the LeveLine with its GPS deployment coordinates

The most novel feature of the GPS LeveLine meter is the ability to embed the GPS deployment coordinates into the LeveLine. This means that when you collect your loggers and take them back to the office, each logger knows exactly where it was deployed. The information is contained within the logger and can be displayed in Google Earth.

GPS leveline Meter