The LeveLine-Mini-CTD Water Level Sensor

The LeveLine-Mini can be purchased with a conductivity sensor included to give level, temperature, conductivity and salinity readings. This sensor comes with a connector on the back end of the probe so it can be connected to the Leveline PC kit for calibration using the LeveLink PC software.

The LeveLine-Mini-CTD uses the same 4 ring stainless steel conductivity as our multiparameter water quality probes for robust EC and salinity measurements.

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Leveline Mini
Leveline Mini
Leveline Mini
Leveline Mini


The LeveLine-Mini-CTD adds conductivity and salinity measurements to the small SDI-12 ready sensor. Like the standard LeveLine-Mini, the CTD version is housed in a titanium body making it suitable for deployment in both fresh and salt waters. It also features the same titanium connector as the larger LeveLine loggers. The connector allows the unit to be connected to your PC or to the GPS LeveLine Meter to calibrate the conductivity sensor.

The LeveLine-Mini-CTD is available in both absolute and gauge versions. If your chosen datalogger / telemetry device includes a built-in air pressure sensor, we recommend the absolute version as the logging device can utilise the air pressure reading for compensation. If an air pressure sensor is unavailable then the gauge version is best suited for telemetric logging.

Gauge sensors require vented cables and desiccant cartridges to remove any moisture from the vent to prevent blocking and inaccurate compensation.

LeveLine-Mini as part of the LeveLine-EWS Package

Leveline Mini

The LeveLine-Mini is the level sensor used in the Early Warning System to alert for rising water levels. the clever AquaTelemetry system features a built in pressure sensor meaning the level data recorded by the system is fully compensated for changes in barometric air pressure.

Connect to any SDI-12 datalogger or telemetry device

The LeveLine-Mini has SDI-12 and Modbus (RS485) outputs as standard meaning you can connect this sensor to any established monitoring platform that accepts these protocols.