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The AquaPlus Water Quality Probe

The AquaPlus probe is a combined optical dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity and temperature sensor. Thanks to the built in conductivity sensor, the AquaPlus is able to calculate and automatically compensate DO readings for changes in water salinity. It’s compact, robust and highly accurate. It also requires very little maintenance to keep it that way. The slim probe is used with its very own GPS DO meter, meaning the location of every datapoint you measure is also recorded.

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The luminescence based method for measuring dissolved oxygen has the following advantages:

  • Very low maintenance
  • No electrolyte to replace
  • No flow of water is required to achieve a steady reading
  • Holds calibration longer

The AquaPlus probe is available as a complete package including the probe with built in 3m cable and our GPS DO Meter, all packed in a hard carry case with foam cut-outs to keep your equipment safe.


Some of the AquaPlus’ features

Advanced Optical DO sensor

The optical sensor works on the principle of Dynamic Luminescence Quenching. A gas-permeable material known as a luminophore is excited with short bursts of blue light, which causes molecules in the luminophore to emit red photons.

By measuring the delay of the returned red photons with respect to the blue excitation, the level of dissolved oxygen present can be determined.

The optical method has various advantages over the historical galvanic method for measuring dissolved oxygen.

The bright red and blue LED’s of the optical DO sensor

The most important being that as no oxygen is consumed across a membrane, the sensor does not require a flow of liquid passing over it to achieve a stable reading. Other advantages include in frequent calibrations (every 3-6 months), and replaceable caps that last over 2 years


Combined DO/EC/Temp sensor

The AquaPlus sensor houses the optical sensor module on the tip, a 4 ring stainless steel conductivity sensor and an embedded temperature sensor.

The inclusion of the EC sensor allows the unit to calculate the salinity and automatically compensate the % saturation reading for salinity effects.


Use the GPS DO Meter

Using the AquaPlus with the GPS DO meter means that the location of every reading you record is logged with every data set.This information can be utilised in OxiLink where you can export a Google file to display your measurements on a map.