Water Monitoring PRO series

The PRO range builds on the success of the Aquaprobe and Aquasonde series, elevating every aspect of the construction, design, features and specifications - making this the ultimate remote water monitoring system.

Aquaread's AP and AS PRO models bring with them new-to-industry materials allowing measurement at far greater depths, The PRO range offers simple sensor exchange in the field. It's kitted out with a unique measurement chamber for improved sensor stability in the most demanding applications as well as smart sensors that hold their calibration data, allowing for simple sensor exchange in the field.

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PRO Series
PRO Series
PRO Series
PRO Series

Series Features

PRO Series

Constructed Using Titanium
and Carbon Fibre

Both the AP and AS models of the PRO range feature a combination of titanium and carbon fibre, offering both exceptional corrosion resistance and high compressive strength. As a result, both are capable of measuring at extreme depths of up to 1000ft (300m).

Unique Measurement Chamber

The protective end cap, found on all Aquaprobes, has been extended along the inside of the sleeve. When screwed onto the sleeve it creates a more stable measurement chamber for all installed sensors.

Its matte black design prevents reflection and the sealed environment is not subject to interference from stray light.

PRO Series

Measurement Chamber removed from probe sleeve

PRO Series

Calibration cup seals measurement chamber and allows probe to stand during calibration.

Measurement Chamber as
a Calibration Vessel

The measurement chamber can also be used for sensor calibration using the calibration cup that push-fits to the base of the probe. This surrounds and seals the holes and allows the probe to stand upright.

Utilising the measurement chamber for calibration in this way reduces the volume of calibration solution required, which in turn reduces maintenance costs.

Smart Sensors

Water testing probes in the PRO range come complete with all of the key water quality smart sensors as standard and are equipped with a self-cleaning system to keep them clean for prolonged monitoring.

The key sensors are:

Optical DOElectrical ConductivitypHORPTemperatureDepth

PRO Series

Unique Control Ring on AS-PRO

The AS-PRO water probe is fitted with a novel three-position switch ring mechanism that allows you to confidently switch the function of the sonde. Using the switch ring, you can turn the unit off, set it to auto, or activate BlueTooth mode. The switch ring includes multi-coloured LED for various indications.

When in Auto mode the sonde will detect if its connector has been blanked off, if it’s connected to a vented cable, if it's connected to an Aquameter, or if it's connected to a PC via USB — so that you’re able to act accordingly.

When set to BlueTooth mode, using the SondeLink App, the user can take live data readings, calibrate the Sonde, set up the logging regime, check battery and memory levels, and upload logged data from the Sonde to the PC.