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AP-LITE Digital Water Quality Meter

One Probe, multiple sensor options

Whether you require a turbidity meter or handheld device for the measurement of Blue Green Algae in reservoirs, the AP-LITE is the portable water quality meter for you. Sometimes multi-parameter measurement is not required, however the flexibility to change sensors is. Our AP-LITE solves this with its single parameter, removable sensor design. Simply remove your current sensor, install the new sensor and calibrate, you are then ready to take measurements.

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Aquaprobe Optical sensors

Our AP-LITE digital water quality sensor utilises the latest technology and allows you to connect any of our Aquaprobe optical water quality sensors. These sensors are designed and manufactured by Aquaread, to provide the best possible accuracy and performance, while remaining cost effective. The optical sensors can be easily removed by hand, making them easy to change when been used in the field. The AP-LITE offers sensor for the measurement of:

  • Turbidity
  • Chlorophyll a
  • Blue Green Algae (fresh or salt water options available)
  • Rhodamine
  • Fluoresceine
  • Refined Oil

Rugged Durable Design

As a package our AP-LITE comes supplied with everything you will need to start taking measurement. This includes our GPS Aquameter portable meter, offered with its rugged IP67 design, visual display and large onboard data logger for taking spot recordings, or data logging purposes. Onboard GPS also allows you to record where measurement have been recorded and the water quality data.

Data to your PC, with our Aqualink software

Aquaread Aqualink software utility offers the option to download data directly from you GPS Aquameter to your PC. File formats such as csv and txt, provide you with both data from the field and calibration information for QA/QC purposes. Furthermore, the option to export a .KML file allows for easy integration of the data into Google Earth

  • IP67 handheld display
  • Backlight display with ergonomic keypad
  • 1110-point data memory
  • GPS recording and site tag information
  • Data export via USB to Aqualink utility
  • User replaceable AA batteries
  • Easy to follow calibration procedures

Some of the AP-Lite's features