Aquasonde-6000 Water Quality Sonde

Our Aquasonde multiparameter water quality sonde offers all our standard parameters, along with the addition of 4 x optical or ISE sensor options via the additional auxiliary sockets. The AS-6000 offers all of the accuracy and performance associated with our Aquaprobe range. This sonde features a smaller built in self-cleaning system that is easily removable for maintenance.

With the addition of a large internal memory and internal power, the probe is ideal for remote monitoring deployments. The self-cleaning system will keep the sensors operational for longer, providing more accurate data collection over longer periods.

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Key Features

  • Utilises our new smaller built in self -leaning system
  • The smallest self-cleaning Aquasonde we offer at 55mm diameter
  • High levels of accuracy – utilises our field tested Aquaprobe sensors
  • Perfect for long term deployments – deployments up to 180 days
  • Large internal memory – can contain over 3 years continuous data logging
  • 4 additional auxiliary sockets – add from our range of optical and ISE sensors
  • Easy to setup and deploy with our quick deploy key
  • UK Manufactured – local technical support available

Standard Aquasonde 6000 parameters included with all AS-6000 Probes

*Depth measurements available when using a vented cable.

Optional Optical sensors

Optional ISE sensors include

Aquasonde Options

Quick Deploy Key

Each Aquasonde is supplied with a Quick Deploy Key. When fitted to the Aquasonde, this unique device performs the following tasks:

  • Seals the connector.
  • Automatically starts the pre-programmed logging regime.
  • Provides instant visual indication of Aquasonde health, battery and memory condition. This allows all programming of the Aquasonde to be performed at your office using the PC application and the logging regime to be started at the precise time of deployment. It also provides peace of mind that the Aquasonde is operating correctly at the time of deployment.

Vented Data Cable Option

All models feature an internal barometric pressure sensor that is used when calculating Depth and percentage saturation of Dissolved Oxygen.

If the Aquasonde is to be deployed for more than a day at a time and accurate Depth and %DO values are required, a vented cable is recommended.

For profiling, dip testing or short-term deployment during which time the change in barometric pressure will be negligible, a vented cable is not necessary.

Vent / Data Hub

This option is a termination device for the vented cable that allows a desiccant bottle to be attached and provides a USB port for data retrieval and a visual indication of Aquasonde health, battery and memory condition.

By attaching a PC running SondeLink to the USB port, direct access can be gained to the Aquasonde allowing live data viewing, live data logging directly to PC, retrieval of logged data and full setup, all whilst the AquaSonde is submerged.

Clean every sensor installed

The new, smaller central cleaning arm of the AS-6000 consists of a rotating set of brushes that clean all of the connected sensors, including the EC sensor located on the side of the optical DO probe. The cleaning arm, that features a small motor inside, can be easily unscrewed for maintenance, brush replacement and cleaning. Wiping the sensors regularly in this way can increase the deployment duration substantially, even in demanding environments.

Aquasonde Specifications

inevitably human interaction will be required for calibration and a more thorough clean, even the brushes will become fouled eventually. So with this in mind we have ensured that the maintenance of the cleaning system is extremely quick, simple and cost effective.

Sondelink PC Application

SondeLink free PC application provides the following features via an integrated USB interface:

  • Live data viewing
  • Live data logging directly to PC
  • Full calibration with calibration report generation
  • Retrieval of logged data
  • Logged data output to spreadsheet and text files
  • Full setup utility
  • Site name and GPS geotagging
Aquasonde Specifications