Aquaread Worldwide Dealers

As a leading supplier of water testing equipment in the UK and beyond, we work hard to ensure our monitoring products are available across the globe – making us one of the few worldwide water testing product suppliers.

With our products ranging from single-parameter probes to long-term deployment multi-parameter water quality testing kits, plus a large choice of sensors, you can rely on Aquaread to supply the equipment you need, wherever you are.

Where to buy

You can purchase Aquaread’s water monitoring and testing equipment in 56 countries world-wide. Aquaread is represented by specially selected dealers that work closely with the Aquaread team. Find your nearest dealer below, click on the link to learn a little more about the distributor and to complete a submission form to request a local quote or more information on Aquaread’s products.

Any questions about ordering our specialist water quality monitoring equipment? Get in touch with us here.