How To Test For Fluoride In Water

We manufacture Fluoride parameter electrodes for measuring and monitoring fluoride in water.

Aquaread’s fluoride electrodes are specifically designed for use in the field in either a short or long term testing deployment. Our dedicated equipment can be used for commercial and industrial purposes.

This page will give you an insight into how to test for fluoride in water with Aquaread’s dedicated equipment.

Our fluoride electrodes are scientifically accurate and can measure in 2 auto-range scales: 0.00 – 99.99 mg/L, 100.0 – 999.9 mg/L.

Flouride Range 0 – 1,000mg/L (ppm)
Resolution 2 Auto-range scales: 0.00 – 99.99 mg/L, 100.0 – 999.9 mg/L
Accuracy ± 10% of reading

There are three Aquaprobe products that the fluoride sensor can be used with. The AP-7000 is our newest model, designed to withstand harsh conditions in long term deployment. The AP-5000 is only 55mm wide, so it is very portable yet still extremely robust. The AP-2000 is our most portable multi parameter probe to date.


The aquaprobe AP2000

The aquaprobe AP5000

Longer Lasting Ion Selective Electrodes

We use a solid state sensor in the manufacturing of our ISE sensors. The ionifer is cast into a PVC membrane, which means that the sensor remains dry and the ageing process is limited. Lasting five years out of water and with a minimum life of 6000 wet hours, this unique technology can’t be faulted. Our competitors manufacture their sensors with a liquid filling behind the membrane – as soon as they are made, they start to age whether they are in water or not.

Our ISE sensors do require regular calibration every 2-3 weeks to achieve the best results. Calibration solutions can be purchased from us directly – just get in touch!

How To Calibrate the probe

    1. When an Fluoride ISE electrode is first installed, it must be calibrated at three points. In order to achieve this, three batches of Fluoride calibration solution must be prepared.

    2. Remove the Probe Sleeve and the Wiper. Remove the storage cap from the pH electrode, wash the Probe in distilled water, dry the probe thoroughly then gently lower the Probe in to the warm 0.5ppm solution.

    3. Switch the Aquameter on and stir the probe until the temperature and F readings are completely stable. A minimum of five minutes is recommended. Ensure the temperature of the solution is between 20ºC and 40ºC (68ºF – 104ºF).

    4. Press the MENU key then select Calibration. Select Full Cal, then click Aux Electrodes. The Fluoride (F) electrode should have been assigned to an AUX socket when it was fitted. Move the pointer to F then press the OK or right arrow key to select.

    5. Calibration point 1 (Pt-1) is the warm 0.5ppm point. Calibration point 2 (Pt-2) is the warm 5ppm point. Calibration point 3 (Pt-3) is the cool 0.5ppm point. The dates shown to the right of each point are the dates of the last successful calibration.

    6. Select the calibration point you need. The Meter will wait until the readings are stable, then it will send the calibration command to the Probe, where the calibration takes place. During calibration, the Calibrating screen is displayed and the progress counter counts up. If the calibration is successful, the counter will reach 100%.

    7. The Calibration Report on the top line displays the voltage output from the ISE electrode in millivolts (mV). This value is not stored in memory so should be noted down in a calibration record book for the probe along with the temperature.

Logging options

All of our Aquaprobe packages are supplied with a GPS Aquameter for remote data collection. We manufacture and supply different data logging devices to match your logistical data needs. Find out more about these on our Logging Options page.

Get in touch with Aquaread today

To find out more about how to test for fluoride in water, get a quote or if you want further support, get in touch with us via the contact form on this page or giving us a call on +44 8442 221 206. More details are available on our contact page.

Why not download one of our comprehensive product manuals for more instructions and information on our fluoride measuring equipment?

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