1st journal paper published from collaboration with Brighton University

The first paper has now been published in the prestigious Water Research journal by Brighton Universities School of Environment and Technology’s G.S. Bilotta and M.K. Grove (amongst others).

Developing environment-specific water quality guidelines for suspended particulate matter

Water Lily
Brighton Uni

…is the name of the paper and it is the first of numerous papers planned throughout the 3 year EPSRC case studentship titled Advancing Particulate Monitoring Technologies To Support Sustainable Water Resource Management.

The paper is available here along with the abstract; https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0043135412000875

Data for this case student ship as been collected using Aquaread Aquaprobes and AquaLoggers deployed across 10 varying EA monitoring sites. The results of this long study will ultimately be used to create new, more detailed EU guidelines for particulate monitoring, Aquaread instruments will have been used exclusively to provide the water quality data.

Detecting the 2011 Ash clouds?

The probes have been monitoring continuously since Feb 2011, have collected a vast amount of quality data, specifically focused around Turbidity. Interestingly some of the probes potentially showed changes at the Scottish monitoring sites, following the Icelandic ash clouds of 2011! This is still being investigated.