Flooding: Would more time to react help you?

If you have been affected by flooding you will know that the effects are devastating. Flood waters can destroy homes, communities and wash away your treasured possessions. They are wreaking havoc on many lives across the UK currently.


The Environment Agency provides a free flood warning service for risk areas called Floodline. If you’re in a flood risk area, you can sign up to receive a warning message when flooding is expected. You can sign up for flood warnings on the Gov.uk website.

If you don’t live in an area covered by Floodline or if you want an additional, more accurate early warning, private flood level alarms are available. These are often popular as community solutions because they can notify multiple households and businesses when flooding is expected.

Flood warnings can give your whole community time to prepare and take action. Flood waters can rise very quickly, getting an early warning can buy you that extra time to install your defences, move your valuables or bolster your current defences if more rain is expected.

We can provide such a warning system, called the LeveLine-EWS (early warning system). It is a cost effective solution available for under £1000, that can send SMS and email alert messages to key flood wardens in your town allowing them to take action. The device alerts you in real time, as it happens so you will get much more accurate alerts than the broader Environment Agency Floodline alerts.

The early warning system is designed to be accessible to the whole community, any one with its phone number can text the device the word “Level” and get a reply straight away stating the level and the rate of change. This can give you peace of mind on a stormy night without the need to venture outdoors to check the local stream or river’s height.

Stansted Mountfitchet in Essex, has installed two early warning devices recently. Following a severe flood in 2014, businesses in the local area were damaged, stock was swept away and basements were pumped. You can read more in our case study here to see how this deployment has helped the community to be in a much better position for years to come.

Would some extra time help you or your community to protect itself? Buy yourself some time with the LeveLine-EWS early warning flood alert system.