Trade And Upgrade For A Brand New AP-2000 Package

Aquaread are offering you the chance to trade in your old non Aquaread multiparameter water quality equipment in exchange for a 20% discount off a brand new AP-2000 package and a free flowcell.

Why upgrade?

The AP-2000 package has market-leading features that you may not be aware of:

• Combined Optical DO and EC sensor
• Can measure 13 parameters simultaneously
• Marine grade aluminium body that’s under 2” in diameter
• Comes with a full range of standard parameters included such as Optical DO, pH, ORP
conductivity and temperature.
• The AP-2000 also has room for 2 more sensors or your choice, wide range of optical and
ISE options
• The included GPS Aquameter will tag the location of every dataset using its internal GPS
• GPS Aquameter features a 10,000 data set memory, auto data logging options along with
global stabilisation indication
• All Aquaprobes come with a 2-year warranty
• All products are 100% manufactured in the UK.

More about Aquaread.

Aquaread is a multi-award winning, privately owned, British design and manufacturing company with a head office and manufacturing in Broadstairs, UK and a sales office in Singapore.

Aquaread is now in its tenth year and has grown rapidly in the UK and globally with over 50 dealers.

Our concentrated team consists of highly skilled individuals from various backgrounds such as engineering, innovative product design, production, management, scientific research and software design. Our focus and vast skill set have enabled us to develop and successfully market an ever-increasing range of highly precise water testing instruments.

Our range now includes multiple water quality monitoring packages for both portable and permanent applications, water level loggers both absolute and vented and now including a conductivity variant. All of our products are 100% designed and manufactured in house.

We work actively in the surface water, groundwater, wastewater and aquaculture markets globally, in particular, the UK, where many of our customers partner with us because we are a manufacturer who is locally based and always strives to deliver outstanding service and rapid support.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to know more about this exciting offer contact us at and ask for more details on the trade and upgrade promotion.