UK Government Announces Cash Injection for Flood Defence Projects

On 2nd December, the British Government launched the National Infrastructure Plan 2014. Within this plan, the Treasury pledged a £2.3 billion investment in flood defences across the UK.

This 6 year programme of investment will inject much needed cash into 1,400 projects around the country. The Treasury says the investment will protect 300,000 homes from flooding and prevent £30 billion of economic damage across the UK.

Example projects include building a barrage at Boston, Lincolnshire, refreshing tidal defences at the Thames Estuary and building flood defences to protect communities such as Yalding in Kent, that are frequently flooded. One of the plan’s objectives is to reduce overall flood risk by 5% compared with current levels by 2021.

Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, said: “We all saw the destruction and heartache caused by flooding last year and that is why this investment is vital to build Britain’s defences for the future.

“The projects we are announcing today will protect some of the country’s most at-risk locations ensuring that we will be as prepared as possible for future severe weather.”

We are happy to hear about the Government’s planned investment into flood defences. Over the last few years the weather seems to have become much more unpredictable. With cleanup costs from last winter’s extreme weather rising to £1 billion according to the Guardian, we’re sure that those at risk of flooding will also be keen to hear about what can be done to reduce that risk.

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