Why a LeveLine water level logger is the essential tool for 2019

Level monitoring is a routine task carried out for a variety of applications including groundwater, surface water or stormwater profiling. Installing Level Loggers is a convenient way of maximising important data collection and reducing the costs and inconvenience of mobilising to site to take manual measurements. 

Level Loggers have been around for a long time. Making the right choice commonly involves important factors such as cost, battery life, reliability and accuracy.

When it comes to selecting which one you need, the Leveline range of water level loggers are accessible, accurate and affordable, providing customers with all the features they need for successful water level measurement when out in the field.

From our original Level Line to our new LeveLine CTDour range has been continually updated to provide you with all the tools you need whatever the application. Our Leveline range has grown in popularity exponentially because of its costs effective and feature rich offering which is backed up by our renowned customer support. 


Accuracy is an important factor. Our Leveline devices offer an impressive accuracy of 0.05% in both vented and absolute form. 

Water level loggers have traditionally only been able to measure water levels and temperature. New additions to the LeveLine range have expanded the options for customers, meaning products such as the LeveLine CTD device can now additionally measure conductivity and salinity, thus expanding the number of applications for users.

Monitor your data

Most water testing equipment provides various options to monitor and analyse your data. For individuals that need to collect large amounts of data over long periods of time, a LeveLine water level logger is capable of storing up to 500,000 readings.

Alongside impressive levels of storage, LeveLine water level loggers are also capable of recording data up to 10 times a second, meaning data can be collected quickly and effectively.

For when you need to collect data over longer periods of time, a LeveLine water level logger can also be monitored remotely utilising the direct out SDI-12/ Modbus for connection to a telemetry device. 

Years of battery life

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery, especially when your level loggers have been deployed for a long time. That’s why the LeveLine range of water level loggers come equipped with an internal lithium battery that can withstand up to 10 years to use.

Even after those 10 years have expired, it doesn’t spell the end of your water level logger. The battery can be easily replaced, allowing you to quickly return to conducting your important water tests.

Built to last

Conditions when out in the field may not always be favourable, which is why it’s important to have a water level loggers that’s built to last.

Our range of LeveLine water level loggers are built from titanium, meaning they can survive harsh weather conditions as well as provide maximum corrosion resistance. They also come with a tough Delrin nose cone for added protection.

We’re so confident in the durability our water level loggers that we now offer a 5-year warranty on all loggers in the LeveLine range, giving you peace of mind when conducting water tests.

Lower Price

Water testing equipment are not always inexpensive purchases.  Here at Aquaread, we have always prided ourselves on providing effective yet affordable products for our customers, and nowhere is this more apparent than with our LeveLine range of water level loggers .

That’s because our range comes at a lower price than our competitors – while still providing you with all the high-end features you would expect from a higher priced product. We believe the price shouldn’t be a barrier to water testing, and our LeveLine water level loggers are a testament to this.


For a water level logger that’s affordable, easy to use and accurate even in harsh weather conditions, the Leveline range here at Aquaread has all you need. Alternatively, contact us today to discuss options with a member of our experienced team.