World Oceans Day

A healthy world ocean is critical to our survival. This is the message that World Oceans Day is trying to remind people of.


Oceans are vital to our planet. According to the World Oceans Day website, they are important because:

  • They produce most of the oxygen we breathe
  • They feed millions of people every year
  • They regulate our climate
  • They help to clean the water we drink
  • They offer a pharmacopoeia of medicines
  • They provide limitless inspiration

Celebration and preservation

The concept for World Oceans Day was first proposed in 1992, by the Government of Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Following a United Nations General Assembly resolution in 2008, the 8th June each year is now officially recognised at a UN-designated day of ocean celebration and preservation.

World Oceans Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the oceans, encouraging people to work together to ensure a better future. June 8th 2016 sees this celebration continue, with the theme of ‘Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet’. As the website describes, ‘like your heart pumping blood to every part of your body, the ocean connects people across the Earth, no matter where we live’, directly affecting the health of the population across the globe.

The mission for this year’s World Oceans Day is to encourage people to consider what each of us can do to make sure that our oceans, and vulnerable ocean communities, are safeguarded for many years to come. One particular focus for 2016 is plastic pollution; we need to stop plastic pollution at the source, and ensure that the ocean and the wildlife that live within it are no longer forced to choke on this harmful substance.

Connecting us all

World Ocean’s Day aims to educate the population on the incredible amount of life that calls the ocean home, as well as how our day-to-day actions affect these forms of life. Through this education it is hoped that people will get a better understanding of what the ocean means to them, and what it offers all of us – with a view to making sure that we preserve the oceans in all their glory for future generations.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of all of us to make sure that we’re looking after the ocean. Through small modifications we can all make a difference, and become caretakers of the oceans that connect us, provides for us, and supports the billions of humans, animals and plant life that live on the planet today – and in the future.

Find out how you can help to support World Oceans Day on their website, or find an event near you to take part. Keep an eye on our Aquaread Twitter profile for updates on how we plan on celebrating World Oceans Day this year.