Aquaread launch new products – the LeveLine-CTD and LeveLine-Mini-CTD at Geotechnica 2017

Today we are excited to announce the launch of two new products to join our wide range of precise, scientific water testing equipment. Following the success of the LeveLine water level and temperature logger, we have expanded the range, adding conductivity sensors to both the regular LeveLine and the SDi-12 mini version.

The LeveLine-CTD and the LeveLine-Mini-CTD are the latest additions to the LeveLine water level range from Aquaread. Further to the new additions, the full LeveLine range now comes in titanium as standard, meaning they can be deployed in any water type for long periods of time, without fear of corrosion.

New to the LeveLine? Take a look at the range for more details.

Setting itself apart from the others sensors in the range, the LeveLine-CTD adds a conductivity sensor to the logger allowing both conductivity and salinity data to be collected alongside level and temperature. This is particularly useful when trying to determine the source of water causing levels to increase, for example salt water intrusion studies.

In essence, the LeveLine-Mini and Mini-CTD are stripped down versions in the LeveLine water level range, designed for use with telemetry. They don’t have internal power or memory, instead they rely on the device they are connected to for this. Ultimately, these devices offer a more cost effective approach to remote monitoring.

We will be showing the LeveLine-Mini and Mini-CTD off at Geotechnica on the 12th and 13th July with more details to follow.